THANK YOU to the following organizations for their generous financial support which has helped to make CTEC a reality:

California Communications Access Foundation

UCD Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilitiies at the M.I.N.D. Institute

Yocha-De-He Community Fund

The California Endowment

The Special Hope Foundation

Del and Josie Mintun Fund


Everyone can communicate, some way, some how!CTEC provides services in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), which is the use of personalized methods or devices to increase a person's ability to communicate. Most individuals who use AAC rely on a variety of methods, from "light tech" to "high tech". CTEC will showcase a wide range of AAC systems.

Watch Deb use her new communication device for the first time in the community!


CTEC is:

  • A place to see, touch and try out AAC technology, from light tech to high tech
  • A place to connect with others
  • A place to get assistance with the assessment, trial, and funding process,
  • A place to learn how to use new technology,
  • A place for consumers, family members, and professionals to get the support they need to make appropriate technology decisions.

Two men watch another using his communication device         A toddler holds a language learning device         Instructor demonstrates communication devices for speech therapy students