THANK YOU to the following organizations for their generous financial support which has helped to make CTEC a reality:

California Communications Access Foundation

UCD Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilitiies at the M.I.N.D. Institute

Yocha-De-He Community Fund

Area Board 3

The California Endowment

The Special Hope Foundation

Del and Josie Mintun Fund



Our new address is

1010 Hurley Way #180
Sacramento, CA 95825

We're just across the street from our old offices, at the southeast corner of Hurley Way and Ethan Way. The entrance to the parking lot is off of Ethan Way.

Everyone can communicate, some way, some how!CTEC provides services in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), which is the use of personalized methods or devices to increase a person's ability to communicate. Most individuals who use AAC rely on a variety of methods, from "light tech" to "high tech". CTEC will showcase a wide range of AAC systems.

Watch Deb use her new communication device for the first time in the community!


CTEC is:

  • A place to see, touch and try out AAC technology, from light tech to high tech
  • A place to connect with others
  • A place to get assistance with the assessment, trial, and funding process,
  • A place to learn how to use new technology,
  • A place for consumers, family members, and professionals to get the support they need to make appropriate technology decisions.

Two men watch another using his communication device         A toddler holds a language learning device         Instructor demonstrates communication devices for speech therapy students